Julia von Boguslawski

Esoteria-hankeDoctoral Researcher, Study of Religions, University of Helsinki

I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki Study of Religions department. First I studied philosophy, but ended up graduating as a Master of Arts majoring in history. In my current research all these perspectives are combined. My research interests include changes in the Finnish religious landscape, especially the history of freethought/atheism and esotericism, transnational networks and mediation of ideas, the relation between esotericism and science, and the uses of history.

My doctoral dissertation focuses on how freethinkers, theosophists, and anthroposophists organized themselves as societies in Finland during the first decades of the 20th century. I am interested in the transnational networks of these movements and the central mediators who introduced them to the Finnish audience. I also study the support the movements gained in Finland, and what kind of people they attracted. I am especially interested in how these movements positioned themselves as new religious and ideological movements on the Finnish religious field.

Keywords: freethought, atheism, theosophy, anthroposophy, the Prometheus-Society, the Theosophical Society in Finland, the Anthroposophical Society in Finland, networks, esotericism and science

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Publications related to the project:

Putting the Spiritual into Practice: Anthroposophy in the life and work of Uno and Olly Donner. Approaching Religion 2018 (1), 48–68. Julia von Boguslawski & Jasmine Westerlund https://journal.fi/ar/article/view/66739

Henkisen elämän kaipuu: antroposofinen henkitiede Suomessa 1922–1935. (The longing for a spiritual life: anthroposophical spiritual science in Finland 1922–1935) Historiallinen Aikakauskirja 2017 (2), 211–224.

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