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Esoteric content ’hiding in plain sight’?

Art historian Marja Lahelma, who is a member of the Seekers of the New project, has examined esotericism as a marginalised dimension in Finnish art history in a new publication by the Finnish National Gallery. Lahelma problematises the notion of the ‘Golden Age’ connecting… Continue Reading ”Esoteric content ’hiding in plain sight’?”

Out Now: The Occult in Modernist Art, Literature, and Cinema

This new volume sets out to explore occult modernism as a response to the modern condition. Rather than perceiving the occult as a marginal phenomenon within the modernist context, the editors Tessel M. Bauduin and Henrik Johnsson argue “that the impact of occultism, its… Continue Reading ”Out Now: The Occult in Modernist Art, Literature, and Cinema”

New publication in Approaching Religion (Vol 8 No 1, 2018)

Members of the project have participated in producing the current issue of Approaching religion. Tiina Mahlamäki and Maarit Leskelä-Kärki edited a special issue on the history of modern Western esotericism to this academic open access journal published by the Donner Institute for Research in… Continue Reading ”New publication in Approaching Religion (Vol 8 No 1, 2018)”

Historiallisen aikakauskirjan esoteria-teemanumero ilmestynyt 

Historiallisen aikakauskirjan esoterianumeroon ovat kirjoittaneet useat Uuden etsijät -hankkeen tutkijoista. Numeron ovat toimittaneet Maarit Leskelä-Kärki ja Antti Harmainen. Lue johdantoartikkeli täältä.